Winter fun at Bušas paintball park and camping
Saulkrasti Municipality,
Bušas, +371 26785909,,
GPS 57°14'36" 24°25'53"

We offer active leisure and a dose of adrenaline all year round. Paintball prices: starting at EUR 7 per person. After an active game of paintball, pamper your body and spirit at our bathhouse (EUR 40 for 4 people, EUR 7 for each additional person) or in the large Bušas tub (EUR 80).

Winter offer for families with children by Saules zirgi
Upes iela 33a,
Saulkrasti Municipality,
+371 29460788 (Ilona), please call ahead,,
GPS 57°31'95" 24°12'25"

Rides with very calm horses and ponies in the coastal area (prices start at EUR 20 per horse for an hour). Photo sessions with experienced horses by the sea (prices start at EUR 30 per horse for an hour). Rides in a comfortable carriage (prices start at EUR 50). To arrange a photo session by the sea please call at least four days in advance. 

Cietais Rieksts market
Rīgas iela 77, Saulkrasti,
+371 22079570,,
GPS 57°14'47" 24°24'34"

Wintertime is no exception – Cietais Rieksts market still awaits you every Friday! We have a free car park for your convenience. Purchase healthy and natural products from the Latvian countryside: vegetables, fruits and berries, smoked, salted and cured meat, fish, milk products, cereal products and bread, honey, flowers, seeds and seedlings, applied arts and decorative objects, etc.

Working hours: 15:00–19:00 every Friday from October to April.

Romantic getaway at the Pirts Rozēni cottage
+371 29196438,,
GPS 57°19'18" 24°25'43"

A cottage with bathhouse and accommodation for up to six people near the sea in Saulkrasti. Enjoy a professional bathhouse ritual! Fireplace, candles, cosy lighting, the smell of burning wood, and, of course, the bathhouse – everything you need on a cold winter’s evening! Bathhouse ritual: EUR 50 per person
Bathhouse rent: EUR 10 per hour
Accommodation for two: EUR 40 (without breakfast)

Feel warm, relaxed and rejuvenated at the Klēra Lukss spa salon
Ainažu iela 25, k.1-1, Saulkrasti,
+371 29632863,
GPS 57°27`72" 24°41'59"

Enjoy an unforgettable chocolate or hot stone massage.
Price: EUR 45 for an hour
Treat yourself to a spa ritual with sauna.
Body peeling and aromatic massage during the ritual.
Price: EUR 45–75 for 1.5–2 hours
Rejuvenate your facial skin with a thermo mask, our special winter procedure, and get a complimentary paraffin procedure for your hands.
Price: EUR 45 for 1.5 hours.
Have a quiet evening in the sauna and enjoy a cup of tea, while watching the snow falling outside the window!
Price per 1–2 people: EUR 25 for 1.5 hours, EUR 30 for 2 hours
Sauna for up to six people Price: EUR 45 for 2 hours
If you want to stay by the sea in wintertime, you can also choose the cosy Saulesclub.

Price: EUR 35–50, book over the phone: +371 27415097,

SIA Bemberi maiznīca
Vidrižu iela 21D, Saulkrasti
+371 29263357
GPS 57°27'14" 24°42'90"
Raiņa iela 7, Saulkrasti
+371 28695448
GPS 57°26'28" 24°41'41"

Bemberi is a bakery that has been treating its customers to delicious pastries for more than twenty years. At the café on Vidrižu Street, you will find pizzas, bread and pastries cooked in a wood-fire oven, as well as delicious dinner. The café on Raiņa Street in the centre of Saulkrasti offers the renowned kebabs, pastries, as well as delicious and filling meals. In the wintertime, the company takes orders for kringles, cakes, gingerbread houses, gingerbread baskets and other treats.

Sunny Dune hotel
Rīgas iela 28, Saulkrasti
+371 67951960, +371 26446461,,
GPS 57°14'19" 24°23'53"

After visiting Saulkrasti and going on a long walk by the sea, visit the Sunny Dune hotel by the White Dune to see our herd of fallow deer and warm up at our restaurant.|
ROMANTIC WINTER OFFER: book a room and receive a free romantic dinner, two glasses of sparkling wine with compliments from the restaurant, breakfast, as well as relaxation in the Jacuzzi and a two-hour sauna visit. PRICE: only EUR 65!

single room – EUR 27
double room – EUR 30
triple room – EUR 38
quadruple room – EUR 53
Sauna + jacuzzi – EUR 25 per hour
Conference/banquet hall rent – EUR 50 per day
Mini ZOO visit – FREE