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Bemberi cafe
You can order our amazingly tasty kebabs either with hot or mild sauce of your choice. For those who crave super-hot stuff, we suggest trying out our kebabs with chilli sauce! And gourmands will enjoy our kebabs with honey–mustard sauce, as well as vegetarian kebabs! We also have different soups, stuffed pancakes, as well as meat dishes and salads on the menu. And if you have a sweet tooth, indulge in a slice of our pie, tart, cake, muffin or cookies! Here you'll be able to enjoy your meal or snack without any haste, all while reading a book from our library.
Saulkrastu gardumi
“Saulkrastu gardumi” ceptuvē, kurā top bērnības garša, ražojam no Latvijā audzētiem graudaugiem maizi un kulinārijas izstrādājumus. 2011. gadā tapa mājražošanas uzņēmums ar savu produkciju, kas ir atšķirīga no ierastā veikalu piedāvājuma un ar savu īpašo garšu, kā bieži no klientiem dzirdēts- bērnības garšu.
Bemberi bakery
This cafe-bakery  offers tasty cupcake, pies and pizzas or one of the midday offers in a peaceful atmosphere. For different events and parties we bake cakes, pretzel, biscuits and other delicacies. Delivery only after previous telephone arrangement. Places - 30.
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Ainažu 13b
LV-2160 Opening days : Every day 8:45 - 17:15