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Bath house


Laipas bathouse
Bathhouse “Laipas” — two-floor house (~ 80 m2) with a sauna inside
Krastiņu bathouse
Holiday house "Krastiņi" is surrounded by pine-tree forest close to the beach and near the highest dune of Vidzeme region. The house is suitable for a family or couple wishing to spend the calm holiday in a wild beach and enjoy the bathhouse.
Rozeni bathouse
Pirts Rozeni rent with procedures by a specialist in traditional Latvian pirts treatments: 100€ per person. Pirts rituals and procedures are performed by a certified pirts and sauna master who is also an international judge at sauna mastery contests, Jānis Pavlovics.
Pirts "Asni"
Neliela pirtiņa, priekam atpūtai un veselībai. Ziemā ir ērti 10-15 cilvēkiem, vasaras sezonā vairāk, ir šūpoles, laipa uz upi, vieta klusa, teritorija norobežota un jūra nav tālu.
Kaijas countryside bath house
For those who like a quiet or, on the contrary, a lively holiday in a quiet place.
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