The Museum plans not only to exhibit, but also to regularly heat about twenty saunas of different periods and constructions from all regions of Latvia, inviting people to use them for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Currently the exposition of the Museum consists of one newly built black sauna and five historic saunas – three log cabin saunas from Latgale, one from Kurzeme and one from Vidzeme. And there is also a peculiar builders’ wagon with a built-in sauna and a new white sauna from transported historical logs from Krimulda District.

The Museum is undergoing continuous development since it was founded in 2008, and its future plans include expanding its offer to twenty different saunas from all corners of Latvia. In 2019, we began exhibiting historic waffle pans.

Our vision is to develop the Sauna Museum into a great place for exploration and active recreation for families, as well as for those, who are willing to find out more about saunas accompanied by a competent guide, or to experience the unique values of the sauna, while taking part in the experience for the body and the soul under the care of a skilled sauna attendant.

The Sauna Museum is open all year round. The only time we do not recommend visiting the Museum is during extremely low temperatures and heavy snowfall, as the restrictions on welcoming you at the Museum can make your visit less enjoyable. We kindly ask you to book the Museum visits and guide services with the hosts in advance, so that we can take the best care of each and every visitor.