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The Sauna Museum
The Sauna Museum is located in Sēja District, 40 km from the centre of Riga next to the Murjāņi-Saulkrasti road, and was founded in 2008. One of the buildings of the Sauna Museum is decorated with a plate that says Latvian Heritage. This cultural label is awarded to rural tourism entrepreneurs, who preserve traditional values and incorporate them into modern life.
Summer House of Reinis Kaudzīte
Reinis Kaudzīte (1839–1920), one of the authors of the first Latvian novel "Mērnieku laiki" (The Times of the Land-Surveyors), resided in Neibāde from 1913 onwards. He purchased a small property where he spent the last years of his life, together with his housekeeper Karlīna Damroze.
Saulkrasti Bicycle museum
The collection reflects the manufacturing history of Latvian bicycles. Alongside the unique exhibits, it is also possible to see the old workshop and bicycle shop. It is the only bicycle museum in Latvia.
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